Does it matter which SATA ports I use?

Hey guys,

I'm working on my rig, and I just got the Optical drive in, and I noticed that the motherboard's instruction manual does not give any indication as to which sata ports I should plug my ODD and HDD into first (it was much more specific with the RAM and GPU slots, saying that some slots were better than others).

Does this mean that I can just plug them into whichever ports I want and the software will figure it out, or are there some restriction regarding this?
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  1. You may use any SATA port on the motherboard that takes your fancy :)
    There aren't any optical drive / hard drive specific ports, just plug and play.
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    On some motherboards there are three sets of Sata ports. Two intel six gig ports and four intel 3G ports and two acmedia or other 3 party Sata chipset.
    On amd mb there may be only two sets the amd 6g and 3G.
    On some cheap motherboards there may be only one six gig port or just four 3G ports.
    Ssd and hard drives should start on port 0 of the 6g controller.
    Cd roms on any of the 3G ports. Some mb it easer if you have the boot drive on port 0.
  3. What MB? You can basically plug them in anywhere, but ideally you want the HDD on a SATA 6Gb/s port.
  4. My motherboard is the "ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 AM3+", and I'm pretty sure that ALL of the SATA ports are 6GB/s :D

    Honestly though, I will probably go ahead and put the HDD in port 1 just in case that does make a difference smorizio said. Couldn't hurt :P
  5. Yup, all ports are the same. But whatever you want to do is fine.
  6. smorizio said:
    Ssd and hard drives should start on port 0 of the 6g controller.

    I found this thread, because I am forced to move the OS SSD to at least sata 6GB port 7. I would like to install 2 secondary RAID arrays in total of 6 discs and they are only possible on ports 1-6 (according to my mobo specs)

    Currently my OS SSD is on port 1, but because of this setup I have to move it to port 6. Do you think it's possible, do I have to change something in BIOS?
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