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This system will primarily be used for everday functions. A small amount of gaming, general internet activity, movies etc. Looking to build around a mid-level PC and this is what I came up with. Feedback is appreciated.

CPU: i5 3350p ($180)
MoBo: Asrock h77 pro4 lga ($66)
Ram: G.SKill 4gb 1600 MHz ($39)
GPU: Hd 6670 ($65)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500 gb 7200 rpm ($56)
Case: NZXT h2 ($90)
PSU: Corsair Builder CX500 ($50)
OS: Windows 7 ($100)
Dvd Drive ($20)
Wireless adapter ($30)
Heatsink: hyper 212 evo ($30)

Total Cost: $725

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  1. Edit: I realize the Case is probably $40 over budget that could be put into the GPU, but the computer wont be used for gaming too much, and I do care about the aesthetics of the case.
  2. it will suit your everyday needs. Best answer is appreciated :)
  3. buy a 5800k amd apu/cheap motherboard/2 - 4gig sticks of DDR3 1866/ antek 380watt PS/ small case............ save a couple of hundred bucks........... or add an ssd and drop the HD.
  4. That is a nice build, But it is a bit over budget for me, about $100 over budget, and seeing as I wont be gaming much Id rather invest the $60 from the gpu into the CPU and still go with an i5?
  5. Looks like a good build for low budget. But unless you need quiet or have high ambient temperature, you don't really need a aftermarket CPU cooler for a locked 69 WATT CPU.
  6. There Two builds I listed the second is the new haswell both are near the priced you wanted..if the second one needs to drop some I can do that.
  7. I really need to keep it around $690-$700, without the evo 212, THe only reason I am using that Aftermarket cpu cooler is because i am taking it out of my computer, (upgrading to a corsair h100i =D). The second build you did was pretty sick, but at least $150 overbudget after the OS. I dont think I will need that big of a graphics card, this computer will not be used much and just a few games. Honestly the whole build is overboard for how much this thing will get used. It's for my old man =P, and he budgeted $700. I feel like the extra money put towards the it 3350p is worth taking away from the gpu? Possibly an hd 7770 with the i5 3350p?
  8. what about an fx-8320? vs the i5 3350p, how does it hold up? worth the $20?
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    The amd top CPU due to it cores is a mixed bag in some games. In some games it on par with an i7 CPU some games the intel i5 will beat it.
  10. I am a little bit of an intel fanboy, currently sporting the i5 4670k in my gaming rig, and I know that intel has better processors on the high-end side of things, but never experimented with the mid-tier. Would the fx8320 be just as fast as the i5 for normal everyday usage? In theory I know you wouldn't be able to tell a difference most likely, but just curious.
  11. I am now thinking of the following build

    CPU: fx-8320 ($145)
    Mobo: Asus m5a97 85 ($85)
    Ram: G.skill 4gb ($40)
    GPU: MSI hd 7770 ($100)
    HDD: Seagate barracuda 500 gb ($56)
    Case: nzxt h2 ($85)
    PSU: cx500 ($50)
    OS: win7 ($90)
    wifi adapter/dvd drive ($40)

    Overall $691?

    Will that psu be enough? is that build good?
  12. If tHis build for your dad you can use intel i3 CPU and a h mb. The two cour CPU not going to be bogged down at all.
    Looking at 100 for the CPU and 60-80 for the mb. Or drop to an fx-4300 or an amd apu that has a better gpu then the intel chips. You won't need a gpu with an apu.
  13. how did this build go from a budget everyday machine to an expensive mediocre gaming machine?
  14. swifty_morgan said:
    how did this build go from a budget everyday machine to an expensive mediocre gaming machine?

    There will be occasional gaming on it.
  15. smorizio said:

    I suggest going with the A10. It is worth the extra price. It has a better CPU and can almost catch up with a 6670 on the GPU.
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