hard drive dying solution add another drive

can you resolve a dying hard drive by adding a brand new drive in conjunction

ive heard about raid setups with more than 1 drive but im not sure
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    No, if its dead its dead,
    I think you are referring to Raid set ups that are configured to give redundancy as they would do in a business scenario or someone with important data would.
    Basically you can set Raid up so that it uses more than one drive at a time to increase speed which is what most home users would use it for or for having built in redundancy where the data gets copied onto more than one drive in case of failure, ensuring that the data remains intact.
    In the same way that a bad stick of memory will result in your whole memory system failing, a corrupt or failing HDD will result in the system reporting an issue as soon as a bad sector is attempted to be used.

  2. Clone the drive before it dies, then attach it to the sata port that the dying drive is currently attached to. Discard the old drive.
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