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Last response: in Components
July 18, 2013 11:41:33 PM

Hi all,
I am considering building my own desktop configuration. It’s my first build, and I do not have much knowledge about the specifics of the components and their compatibilities.
I would be using my computer mostly for AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, 3DS Max, Flash professional and a range of other structure analysis and rendering software. I would like to have a fast PC but I don’t mind compromising a bit of speed, if it saves me a lot of money (I don’t want to just buy the best irrespective of the price!!). I have been trying to search a bit about the components and understanding the intricacies of the build, but I do have a number of questions, and I would be thankful, if someone could help me.

Q Which CPU would be best for my work? AMD or Intel? As far as I understand, both have different technologies to handle multitasking, I don’t know the technical details, so I don’t exactly know which is better. Also I read somewhere about the FX processors having some issue with the PCIe 3.0 slots(I’m not sure what exactly it was, if someone could probably explain it to me?)I’d like to overclock my CPU, but keep it air cooled.

Q I think 16GB RAM should be enough, but what kind is it supposed to be? Is 4X4GB configuration (4 cards of 4GB each) better or 2X8GB (2 cards of 8GB each)? Is there something like a high speed configuration, to get the most out of your RAM?

Q Motherboards matter a lot because your computer is only as fast as your slowest component, so I believe the motherboard should be good enough that it does not act as the slowest component and ‘is unable to extract the juice’ from the RAM and CPU. What all do I have to look in a motherboard so that I know, that the components would work perfectly?

Q I’d like to work with wireless I/O components, so I guess I’ll have to use a wireless card or something? Which slot does this card fit in? Should I get a sound card? Would there be room for a graphics card if I install the above cards as well? Do they use the PCIe 3.0 slot??

Q Even though I’d be working with video and photo editing and rendering, I do not want to be storing a lot of movies/media on my hard drive. So I was thinking 1TB should be enough. But I’d like my windows (Yes I’d be using windows) and other frequently used applications (mentioned before) to boot faster, so I was thinking of getting a SSD. I would not be installing/ making use of any RAID configurations or anything (I don’t understand how that works either!)

Q I have a compaq presario sg2070 case, and I plan to mod the case (I don’t want to buy a new one), but I think the drive bays are 3.5”, and I think the SSD is smaller? How would the SSD fit in those bays?

Q To run all these components and a few LED's how much power supply would I need, so that all the components run at max efficiency?

Q Also, I just do not seem to understand how to choose a graphics card! So, I don’t know which one to pick. Would I need a graphics card at all? (I do not want to buy the AMD A series, unless u say that they're really good both in terms of the CPU and GPU.)

Any suggestions on the other parts and configurations are most welcome! (looking forward to them!)
I am kinda confused, but I am sure with your help, I would be able to see this through!

Thanks a lot!

Best solution

a c 567 à CPUs
a c 1634 V Motherboard
July 19, 2013 10:03:36 PM

Think you'd do well with the 4770K/1150 combo with what you do, or maybe like a 3930K/2011...also believe you might want to think you have a proposed budget?
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