How I Removed the PhysX Driver from Windows 7

Im posting this as a solution to the problem. Normally I would uninstall the physx driver in windows, then re-boot into the safe mode and uninstall the graphics driver. Since i had my system in SLI, i disabled that and removed one card. Ok heres what you gotta do.
1. find the physx driver under nvidia.
2. right click to trouble shoot compatibility. windows see this driver as having a compatibility issue.
3. a screen will come up asking if you want to repair, modify, or uninstall. it will ask you to start the program.
4. click uninstall and youre done.
5. reboot into the safe mode and uninstall the graphics driver.
6. verify the driver is gone in programs.
7. the standard vga driver should have loaded upon reboot.

In my case i wanted to roll the driver back. i had 320.49 installed but i wanted to go back to 301.42. i did a clean install. i figured the driver install would get rid of the newer physics driver but it didnt, so i had to work it out on my own. This works. BTW, if it asks to report this to microsoft, send the report, like i said, windows thinks the program is incompatible. When i did get 301.42 installed, I DID NOT INSTALL THE PHYSICS DRIVER, ONLY THE GRAPHICS DRIVER. In the control panel i set physx to cpu. I cant see any difference. I put my other card back in and im back in sli. I like the older driver because it works better with my 570s. Hope this helps.
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    I've never been more confused. I would have gotten rid of the physx driver via add/remove programs. If I wanted a different physx driver I would have seeked it out on the net and installed it.
  2. Normally i would too, but this particular driver cannot be removed in that manner. I have all my drivers on a flash drive for easier installation. I noticed the icons were different on the latest 2 drivers. These are the ones with GEForce experience. When i went back to the older driver i simply located it on the flash drive and clicked it. Then i clicked on custom install and unchecked all the boxes except the driver, then check clean install.
    It can take up to 20 minutes to download drivers so i download it to a flash drive while im doing other things and then load it from the flash drive, its so much easier and quicker.
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