Water cooling OR Air cooling

Hi guys, I'm can't decide which parts I should get. I want it to make my case look professional and deliever good temps at 4.5GHz on my i5 3570K. (please note that the corsair af/sp fans will all be performance ones)
My options are:
Corsair H80i + Corsair SP120 Twin pack (To use for p/p config with the H80i)
Option 2:
Corsair AF120 Twin Pack + Corsair SP120 Twin Pack + Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 Red Led Fan + Cooler Master X6
Option 3:
Corsair H80i + Corsair AF120 Twin Pack

Your opinion will help me a lot.
Thanks guys.
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    For serious overclocking get watercooling. The CPU is ideal for OC'ing.
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