Final Feedback for 1st Build for Video Editing

Hello All,

I have got a lot of feedback and have come up with a build. I am going to be doing ONLY Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects video editing for a small business I am starting doing wedding videos, etc. I was hoping to keep this build under $2,000 but right now I am slightly over budget.
Please take a look and give me any final feedback before I buy. Is it all compatible? Will this set up work and be stable and work well for video editing? Any suggestions on how I should back video files up? (I have been told to stay away from RAID on my first build so thinking more like external hard drive back ups.) Thank you so much for your time and attention to this. I couldn't have done it without this community!
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  1. Do not go for Sandy-E, go for Haswell instead
  2. jinayhvora said:
    Do not go for Sandy-E, go for Haswell instead

    I was originally going for the Haswell 4770k but everyone on here told me to go for the 3930k instead because they say it is better for video editing because of the 6 cores and 12 threads.
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