AMD Overdrive showing different core temp than other temperature monitors

I've been getting around to overclocking my CPU which I've had for almost 2 years. Before I started I wanted to make sure that my temperature readings were accurate. I googled around and eventually ran into this thread, and it made me concerned that my readings in speedfan weren't accurate.

To see if that thread was correct I downloaded multiple temp monitoring programs and then ran prime 95 for few minutes and then let my computer idle for a few minutes.

Here is the pic from the prime95 run

Here is the pic from idle

As you can see HWMonitor, SpeedFan, and CoreTemp all read the same value for Core Temp both in prime95 and idle, which oddly contradicts the much linked to thread because it says that the CoreTemp is innacurate in determining idle temperatures. AMD Overdrive's Core Temp value seems to match the TMPIN2 value in HWMonitor and the Temp3 Value in SpeedFan respectively. This happens in both idle and load conditions.

Turning on and off programs so that only one is open at a time doesn't seem to cause the temperatures to change values wildly. I've seen some people say that having multiple temperature monitoring programs can cause misreadings, but I'm not having this issue.

So the question is, Which core temperature reading is correct: AMD's or the 3 programs I used? After numerous searches, it seems that no one has the real answer.
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  1. there is no real answer. you can ask AMD regarding it as they might be able to shed some light on it.

    but personally i would reset the compute in the middle of prime95, go to bios as quickly as possible and check the temps there. if the temp is above 55, than its overdrive who is correct. other wise it can go both ways, but below 55 will mean a larger delta for overdrive, making amd's reading less likely.
    but its all guess work here
  2. Yeah I didn't think it would work, but I tried it anyways. I hit my reset button after a minute or so of Prime95 and when I checked the temperatures in the BIOS the CPU temperature was already at about 40C, so that didn't really answer anything. Considering all of the confusion over the issue, it really seems like something that Tom's Hardware should take a look into. As far as I know Bulldozer and Piledriver have the same cryptic CPU/core temperature values.
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