What is the best 780 on the market?

What is the best 780 on the U.S Market at the moment? Im building a new pc and i dont know which 780 to choose.
It seems the Palit super jetstream and the Gainward phantom are one of the better ones out right now but not available in the U.S.Is there anyway to get them here? I was also thinking to wait to see how the Msi 780 lighting is gonna be like.
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  1. i would go for the Gigabyte Windforce or Asus DCII or EVGA ACX
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    the classy is the best one in my opinion ( and it also has the highest boost clock speed).
    pretty sure the lightning will be better, I would wait for it.

    i have the refrence model of the 780, just because imo its the best looking one XD
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