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Hello I from Malaysia ,i have a problem whe i tried to convert my pendrive to bootable and the format changed to udf. ihave same problem would be can't format when i tried to format my pendrive it say "there is no disc in G,insert a dics n try again.i so tired to try to use jetfflash recoverytool v 1.10.12 n when i press start the information box contains "The UFD cannot use this program to repair.i have try use another flashdisk recovery like hp and sandisk. i get same meaning massage my drive could not have a format that. please help me i so sad :'(.... help me please I'm so regret to try install OS using pendrive. help me please.....
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    Its a standard now to install OS using PD. So you haven't done any thing wrong to worry about. Ok try this :

    Click the Windows "Start" button. Type "cmd" in the text box and press "Enter." The "cmd" word opens the windows command line on any Windows computer.

    Type the following syntax in your command line prompt:

    convert g: /fs:ntfs

    This command converts the "G" drive to the NTFS file system.

    Press "Enter" to run the conversion. Press "y" to confirm that you want to convert your file system. Conversion takes several minutes.

    One more thing if you want to install OS using pen drive I can help you. Good luck.
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