how to fix BSOD

I have problem with BSOD,I am always getting BSOD while i play games, i updated my gpu driver but doesnt work, please help:

BSOD info:
dumpfile :071813-17000-01.dmp
bug check code: 0x1000007e
file name that cause the problem:
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    Here is the BSOD descriptions:

    And there might be some simple ways to prevent them:

    1. Make sure your GPU driver IS NOT a beta version. (beta ver may cause some issues.) Otherwise uninstall this beta driver and install a standard one.

    2. Load fail-safe settings in your BIOS (if available), disable all overclocking.

    3. Use memory diagnostics (if u use Vista OS or newer)to scan RAM errors, chkdsk and HDtune Pro to check HDD errors. And try to use onboard graphic (plug your monitor/TV to the HDMI/VGA/DVI port provided by the mobo) to see if this BSOD still occurs.

    4. And give us some details of your rig. (The details of the parts u chosed, like CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU, PSU...)
  2. Hi, the problem seems something like unstable working because of overheating.
    Check your base PC components: motherbord, CPU, memory, videocard for any dust or something damages.
    For additional solutions for the BSOD 0x0000007E problem review the following:
    Best regards.
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