American Megatrends "Please enter setup to recover BIOS setting"

Hey everyone,

I have a problem, when I turn on my PC it comes up as a black screen "American Megatrends" etc etc.. it says Please enter setup to recover BIOS setting
Press F1 to run SETUP

I have researched this and people are having problems with heyboards, I am not. It says:

USB devices total: 0 drive, 2 keyboards , 1 mouse , 2 Hubs

Detected ATA/ATAPI Devices...

Then it says my sata things.

When I press f1 it goes to the bios, and when I try to run windows, it comes up to the 0x0000007b error.. help please!
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  1. Can you be more descriptive of the error.
    When does the boot-up sequence fail? At BIOS? At Windows' boot loader (BSOD)?
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