Desktop randomly crashes and fails to boot up after that

My desktop constantly requires to be hard reset as the Windows GUI freezes up, with a loud buzzing sound regularly emanating from the speakers. I have previously set the page file size to 2048 to counter the problem of sluggish multi-tab performance of Google Chrome (I say around 40 tabs average, with Shockwave Flash active in around 4 tabs, and occupies a cumulative total of over 2.2 GB in memory, with Word, VLC Player and uTorrent in the background).

After hard-resetting the desktop, which could have multiple occurrences over a single day, sometimes, the computer simply could not start up. I could not see the POST screen, and there is a loud and steady fan noise (similar to a loud cat's purr) coming out from the computer. The motherboard phase LEDs flashes green, green, amber and red in the process, sustaining itself throughout with the fan noise for a indefinite amount of time.

The computer only succeeded in booting up (showng both POST and having Windows startup) after having the computer and monitor removed from cube taps and extension cords into the wall plug and after numerous tries with removal of non-essential USB components (wireless adapter, keyboard and mouse receiver, monitor usb hub cable, printer cable).

I have also recently updated the motherboard and graphics card bios in response to countlesss BSODs from atikmpag.sys. To date, the BSOD still occurred, but at longer intervals. The drivers of all major system components are also relatively new.

I run an Intel Core i5-750 on a GA-P55A-UD3 motherboard with 4GB of RAM, 500GB Hitachi hard disk with an Sapphire Radeon HD4870 1GB Vapor-X graphics card. (Previously overclocked the CPU and graphics card by 350 and 150 mhz respectively in the past, but now I keep the CPU and GPU at standard clock speed and undervolting my GPU by 0.2V)

P.S. atikmpag.sys has always caused problems on my computer, such as random graphics card driver resets (when doing essentially nothing) and the BSODs, even with different sets of monitors and annual clean reinstallations of Windows.
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  1. WHat do you have for a PSU?
  2. Seasonic 480W
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