XFX Radeon HD7950 - display driver crashing on 3d games

I built this new PC in December 2012 and it worked fine. This issue began a few months ago and I have a 100% repro case. If I load Planetside 2, throw a grenade and stare at it at close range, the display driver will always crash. This happens with many other games, especially on FX that take up the whole screen (like shooting someone up-close in Borderlands2)

My most recent fix attempt was to completely reformat my PC and basically start from the state it was in when I bought it. This did not fix the problem, so I suspect it's hardware. I'm not yet able to try the video card in another system, or another video card in this one, but I should be able to in about a week.

In the meantime, is there anything else I can try? Do driver crashes generate error logs? Does the video card have a BIOS that can be updated?

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  1. Crashes during games, expecially after a Windows re-install usually point to a hardware issue. Did you try different drivers for the card? Does it run OK most of the time in games but locks up after 30 minute or so? Or does it only lock up in specific scenes? Try going though 3dMark a few times see if it runs OK.
  2. Some games it takes a while for the display driver to crash, and some games handle it better than others. Civ V tends to lock up after a few hours. As I said, I can repro the problem 100% of the time in Planetside by tossing a grenade and watching it. This can be seconds after the game loads.

    Temperature readings are normal.

    Is there some kind of logging in windows I can look at?
  3. Windows does have several log files it keeps, if the video driver is crashing it will be noted if it can write to the log. In Vista or Windows 7 or 8 just do a search for Event Viewer.

    Video cards do have a bios you can flash, check with the vendor support site.
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    The solution for me was that i had overclocked the graphics card or the temperture was too high. Try underclocking it or change the voltage
  5. The problem was the hardware. After many fix attempts on my own, I finally sent it back to XFX. They verified the card was defective and replaced it with the same card. It works fine now.
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