Need Help to access Missing Files that are possibly still on my Hard Drive??

Hello everyone.

I have a problem!

I recently had a situation, where I wasn't able to boot windows xp SP3 eventually, I had to run FIXMBR from the recovery console and that worked like a charm.

However, unfortunately I'm not able to see any of my files at this juncture, but ironically, the remaining hard disk space is still the same as it was before I started experiencing the problems.

Interestingly enough programs (e.g Microsoft Word; Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reader etc..) are still accessible! So I guess my question on earth do I access the various media files, word documents, folders etc??? Any help at all, no matter how small, would be greatly...GREATLY appreciated!! :)

Thank you very much in advance...Thank you.

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  1. KJOUR said: on earth do I access the various media files, word documents, folders etc?? ...

    I've used Easus products very successfully in the past to recover lost partitions and files. In your case, see:

    Hunt around though if you need to recover larger amounts of data (more than 2GB worth).

    Probably best to install Easus on a different system and connect the target disk to that
    other system.

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    It is possible that the data might be corrupt and lost short of having a backup. That said, I would use a recovery environment such as Parted Magic and start (carefully) looking around your hard drive and seeing what you can find. If you see your files and documents, I would transfer them from the recovery environment, preferably to another drive.

    If you are having boot issues, I would really considering running a memory diagnostic and a disk diagnostic. You can do both from the Parted Magic bootable CD after you make it. If you drive is failing, and I am not saying it is, you will want to start gathering up your data and backing it up.
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