Which case should I get?

Hi, I am building my new gaming computer this weekend and have yet to decide on a casing. I have a couple in mind and would like opinions:

my build:
i5 4570
asrock b85m pro4
2x4gb ddr3 1600 cl11
gigabyte gtx 760 2gb oc edition
plextor m5s 128gb ssd
wd 1tb blue
asus 24x dvdrw
fsp raider 550w
win7 home prem 64bit

Sharkoon T28
Coolermaster N200 with 2x Scythe Gentle Typhoon
Fractal Design Core 3000
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    Sorry, the reason you probably haven't got any replies yet is because most people don't like to sit and google and try to find which exact item you are talking about, being case this especially true because they can have different colors and prices all over the place but with the same name.

    So I haven't seen any of these, however the case is really only needed to hold the other parts. As long as its large enough to fit everything inside of and has okay ventilation, which pretty much all cases do, it will work. The only thing left is to pick one you like the looks of and are willing to pay for.

    If you are not sure which you like the looks of better, please add pictures or links so we do not have to search.
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