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I currently have an MSI z77a-g41 board. It supports crossfire, but not SLI. (some places claim it does support SLI) The second PCI slot only runs at x4 so even if SLI is supported, it won't be worth it.

I had an hd7870, but because I don't do much hardcore gaming I traded it to a friend for this gtx560: and $80.

I know that 2x gtx560 will not be quite as powerful as a single 7870 but like I said I do not play alot of hardcore game and I like to tinker.

I will be buying another gtx560. (cheapest one I can find on ebay that is still 1gb, 256-bit. Don't care about manufacturer.) I have seen them go for as little as $80.

I just need to decide on the cheapest and best quality motherboard for SLI. I use an i3 3225 currently. I plan to get an i5 but do not care to overclock. (GPUs yes, CPU no) So, an h77 board would be fine as well as a z77 board.

Thanks for the input and time!
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    MSI Z77a-G45 (big brother of the G41 with OC features and SLI), i got mine for 80$ with mail-in (100$ without)

    PS: as long as i know, i'm not aware of a H77 chipset with SLI compatibility (i think they all run the second slot at 4x) and SLI don't work on 4X slots, the driver will not enable the SLI under 8x...

    PS2: i found brand new GTX560 at 100 bucks on NCIX: (they clear the stocks)
  2. Thanks for the input. I am also cool with an mATX board. I think an mATX SLI build would be fun and different.

    An MSI board is a good call because I may get lucky and not need to reinstall windows.
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