Best Solution - right pci card to pcie adapter to fit my pci Asus Xonar essense?

Thanks to all who recently answered my question as to weather an adapter was advisable or not. Now I'm looking for an adapter that will fit and allow the part that sticks out (roughly 12cm) fit out and not have the wrong size piece of supporting metal in the way

My comp is pcie 1x and the card is just pci with no other designations

As with any computer novice I rely on people in the know for advice.

Here is my original post

Hi I recently purchased an Asus Xonar essence (pci) only to discover that my new computer -(HP Envy H8 1534) IS PCIE. I got my comp at best buy so I asked a Geek Squad agent if it was advisable to get an adapter and he said it was inadvisable and poor practice, for the technologies were completely different. Any thoughts on the feasibly of using an adapter or possible issues, or weather or not the Geek Squad member was more or less correct? Any input would be appreciated!


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    You can check out this adapter: StarTech PCI Express X1 to X16 Low Profile Slot Extension Adapter.

    Or you can return the one you had, then buy the one is PCI Express x1 Interface.
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