Which Z87 motherboard should I choose?

I am in confusion for choosing the right Gigabyte Z87 motherboard. I was really impressed with the G1.Sniper 5 but one of my friends suggested to buy Z87X-OC. Comparing both, I fell in confusion. So my choices are G1. Sniper 5 or GA-Z87X-OC. Please help me choosing it. One more thing, I want the best in a reasonable price (from $160~$350).
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  1. Do you want the option to SLI/crossfire? Are you stuck on gigabyte? Do you have a sound card already?
  2. It would be better if I had Crossfire/SLI, yet it doesn't matter much. And yah, I AM stuck with gigabyte and I don't need a sound card, the on-board will do my job.
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    Both are good boards. I would flip a coin myself, but if I had to go off a budget I would get the OC vs. the Sniper, its $200 less... the $200 version is a microAtx...I prefer full sized boards.

    If you are a normal human and are not pouring LN on your board, then either one is total overkill. You can't lose :)
  4. crossfirex/sli is available on both
    the onboard sound chipset is the same

    unless your technically savy, imo the GA-Z87X-OC would be overkill for most users.

    then again cost is the same so the GA-Z87X-OC would allow for more customizing in the future
  5. festerovic said:

    given his price range was 160 -350$ the 409$ sniper was already ruled out leaving him with the 200$ micro-atx version of the sniper
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