Max overclock with i5 3570k & Corsair H60

So I'm planning on buying a corsair h60. My CPU is already clocked at 4.4GHz and I was wondering how far I could go. I'm guessing I would need to over clock the voltage, but how far? What's a stable point beyond 4.4?

i5 3570k @ 4.4ghz
8gb corsair vengeance
HD radeon 7770 of
Ocz agility 3 120gb
Western digital Caviar Blue 500gb
Asus p877-vlx

Are there any better water coolers around the same price?
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    This is a 3770K but it should be similar so I'd guess 4.6 but that's very dependent on your particular chip.

    If this is a gaming rig, you already have a massive imbalance between the very nice CPU and very entry level GPU. If you are doing some number crunching and time is money, then those extra few mhz might help (I stress might).
  2. What graphics card would you suggest then? Mid price. I was thinking of crossfiring two of them. Yeah its a gaming and graphic design rig. Is the h60 good though? I've heard some mixed reviews.
  3. I don't think it's worth the cost over cheap air. If I was going to go LC, I'd get a 240MM with push/pull and do it right - but I've never been able to justify the much higher cost for a slightly higher OC :)

    Think if I had a rig I was moving around a lot (lan party or traveling) then the H60 would make sense instead of stressing the mobo with a big air cooler.

    Depends on your definition of mid-price... Think the GTX 760 is the going recommendation for ~$250.
  4. I would suggest 3 things...

    1st Invest in the H100, it can be picked up cheap now the H100i is out, as long as it will fit in your case.

    2nd save up and spend as much as you can on a single gpu setup, GTX760 / HD7950, or GTX770 / HD7970.

    3rd don't assume your OC is stable until you have run a variety of tests, 1 hr OCCT, 12hrs Prime 95 for starters, all chips are different so its difficult to say whats achievable or stable, you have to discover that yourself.
  5. I might give water cooling a miss them. But my graphics are fine for me at the moment, the CPU is the main thing in rendering etc. They way my mobos set up means that the current fan I have covers the last RAM slot, so there's more than one reason. Push and pull would be too big.
  6. You don't need push and pull, what case are you using?
  7. Zalman z11 plus, current fan is the Arctic cooking freezer 7 pro rev 2.0
  8. Lol @ autocorrect. Arctic Cooling*
  9. Not sure the H100 will fit in that case, what abour H80i?
  10. Yeah that would fit. Although I'm looking for something around then 60 price, I'm 15, so short of money ;) Spend it or save it?
  11. 60 pounds or 60 dollars?
  12. Pounds, sorry for late answer :L

    Btw I'm also having a different problem. Since I reinstalled windows (twice) my screen keeps flickering up every few seconds, it REALLY annoys me. Mostly in full screen. Is this a graphics problem or the os? I'm assuming it would be the drivers. Screen rate is 60hz
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    TBH not really that big of a jump...

    Is it really worth the extra $60 for a maybe 100-200mhz boost? Save up for something better!
  14. I know this is super old but the H60 is not even as good at something like a 212 EVO or Freezer i30, I suppose this is just for people that run across the thread H80i or go home, still the gains over something like the 212 EVO or Freezer i30 are not worth the £50 extra charge and where the H100i and H80i at there highest fan setting there isn't much difference between them 1C maybe 2.

    especially if your only going to be going with a 4 core processor its super not worth it as the amount of heat put out sub 1.35v is more than easily dealt with with a air cooler unless your talking about the 4670 and 4770 because they had a poor heat paste inside, but because of that extra cooling didn't actually make a huge difference because you were somewhat limited by the poor thermal conductivity of the thermal paste to the CPU heat spreader.

    if your planning on buying something like a i7-5820K to i7-5960X and plan on pushing them fairly hard a H80i or H100i may be necessary because there maximum thermal dissipation is higher, but with the thermal output of a 3570k 3770k 4690k and 4790k is much lower and the H80i and 100i don't perform much better than an decent air cooler.
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