Power supply surges detected. Motherboard question

I imagine you guys get this alot, but i couldent find an adequate solution so bare with me.

Ok so I just recently built my own pc, everything is working when I'm just browsing etc but as soon as I play a game on my pc normally around 5 mins of play my system just shuts down and I get this message when it boots up

"power supply surges detected during the previous power on"
"ASUS anti surge was triggered to protect the system from unstable PSU"

Now I've only tested it on LoL but given the specs this system shouldn't have any issues.

Specs are

Intel I5 - 3470
8GB corsair ram.
Asus P8Z77 - V LX
Gigabyte 7950 3GB AMD
Akasa AK-PA075AM01 750 Watts
Western digital blue 1TB hard drive.

Many thanks in advance for any responses helping me solve this.

Now my question is I suppose 1) is my psu faulty and how can I tell if it is (I'm new to all this i do apologise) ans 2) is it wise to turn the anti surge of in my mb if so how do I go about doing that, I don't want to fry my system but I can't use my pc for gaming if it crashes within 5 mins of gameplay.

Thanks again

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  1. ASUS Anti-Surge has a reputation for being oversensitive

    ASUS Anti-Surge looks for over-voltage and under-voltage conditions from the power supply.

    Since the Anti-Surge is being triggered that indicates an unstable power supply unit.

    To troubleshoot the problem you need a known stable working power supply unit to swap with.
  2. That would mean buying another psu as I don't have any others at hand nor do I know anyone who can lend me one.

    I'm assuming its not advisable to turn the anti surge off if my psu is playing up.
  3. I guess in your situation it's happening because one of your components is demanding more juice than the motherboard thinks is safe are you overclocking
  4. No, I'm not over clocking at all.
  5. Just went into my bios and my performance was set at the high performance setting. Ive changed it to normal setting, see if that changes anything.
  6. Update*

    Changing the bios setting didn't help. Game crashed after 10 mins of play.
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