Using Windows 7/8, possible to grant all the privilleges to a user except installing new applications?

I thought it was simple. Just create one standard user account and they can do all the things they want except installing new apps. However to my surprise, even for small tasks like deleting App shortcut on desktop, it asks for admin password.

Is there a work-around for this? I dont mind creating another admin account for this purpose, as long as applications cant be installed using that new admin account.

Currently using Windows 8 Pro x64 for a single desktop in my home. and sorry for being naive.. i dont know the basics of Windows UAC :/
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    Hi Sarah,

    The Administrator account must always be able to do everything as it's designed to provide access to the system when "standard" users lock themselves out.

    You may have asked for an admin account password when deleting a desktop icon if that icon was shared between users.

    It may be possible to prevent the installation of apps using an AppLocker policy, but you need the Enterprise Edition for that and the other administrator account would be able to disable the policy.

    On the whole it's best to just use a standard account and live with the UAC prompts.
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