3TB Spanning volume, storage only disk showing foreign

Help please!

I have a 3TB hard drive I stupidly setup as a spanning drive with a single partiition. It was just a secondary drive with music, pictures, some movies etc, but things I would like to get back.

My system was old, I decided to make some upgrades, but after doing so and installing Windows, the system won't recognize my storage hard drive.

I've searched online to try and find ideas, but I'm finally at a loss. I'm currently running Testdisk, I selected Intel which is what Testdisk detected, but I am really new to this and the only thing that has bounced back so far is 'Invalid FAT boot sector'.

It's taking quite awhile to run, so thought I would just ask the question in the meantime to see if anyone has ideas/guidance.

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    I would examine sector 0 with a disc editor such as DMDE. Then, depending on what we find, we could look for the boot sector of your data partition.

    You could also try Partition Find and Mount:
  2. right mouse click - import foreign disk should do the job
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