any good full tower case under 150 dollars

i am looking for a nice good well build full towercase. i do care a lot about the look and im not gonna waercool

please help

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  1. i can get the haf x for 140 is that a good case?
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    Orionator said:
    i can get the haf x for 140 is that a good case?
    The cooler Master HAF X case is possibly one of the most popular high end computer gaming cases on the market today, and that’s because it’s damn good. Starting with the appearance of this case, it’s absolutely stunning. The entire “tank like” chassis is finished in black and wrapped in some very high quality steel and plastic. As its name, high air flow, implies, the major selling point of this case is in its top notch cooling performance. Up front through the mesh grill you get a 230mm red LED lit fan sucking plenty of air into the case while up top you also get a large 200mm fan complemented with another 140mm fan to round out the exhaust system. On one side of the case you also get a large window covering 3/4 of the sidepanel allowing you to show off your components, while the other 1/4 of the window houses an extra large 200mm intake fan for unprecedented graphics card cooling performance.

    Of course, the case also features some other pretty sweet features such as USB 3.0 front headers, full support for every motherboard size between mATX to XL-ATX, excellent cable management, tool free installation, SLI/Crossfire support, and even casters so you can roll this badboy around.If you can get it for $140 go for it you will not regret it.
  3. so the haf x or the rosewill or even a nzxt phantom
  4. It's personal choice those are all great cases imo.
  5. Orionator said:
    so the haf x or the rosewill or even a nzxt phantom

    I was just cruisin' through and saaw your post. If you can get the HAF X for $140 JUMP on that deal!
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