Intel HD 2500 Graphics vs AMD Radeon HD 7660d

I'm building a new computer to play Counter Strike with above 60 fps. My current computer had an i3 and Intel HD 2500 graphics and it could not play Counter Strike at 60fps. The new computer I'm building is going to have a A10-5800k and then I am going to soon buy a graphics card, because I am on a tight budget right now. So I know the 7660d will out perform the HD2500, but will it be able to play Counter Strike with 60+ fps?
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  1. The original counter strike or global offense?
  2. Global Offensive, sorry.
  3. CS:GO would play smoothly but however, it won't be easy to reach 60+ fps. Only if the CPU and the GPU is tweaked up and only if u use 1866MT/S RAM could u maximize the rig's performance.

    But...if u add a HD 7770 into the i3 rig it would do MUCH better. 'cause A10-5800K's rig would be in some scenario upgrading the GPU 'cause HD 7660D is equivalent with HD 6670 and adding a GPU higher than HD 6670 will disable the IGP (So u wasted the money on 7660D)
  4. So would it be better to stick with the i3 and just get an hd 7770. But is the A10-5800k better than the i3 as in CPU. If not would the A10-6800k be better?
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    Wow u'r going a bit extreme, man. A10-6800K would be more wasteful 'cause its GPU is even better than HD 7660D. For future update u would waste a even-better IGP.

    i3 shouldn't be too inferior compared with A10 CPUs. Intel CPUs has better efficiency than AMD CPUs. AMD CPUs are for budget solution but since u have a i3 there is no need to change your CPU unless for intensive gamings. CS:GO is just not so intensive, and a HD 7770 or a GTX 650 ti would solve the graphic problem.
  6. k, thanks. I'll just stick with my i3 and get the hd7770.
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