4TB hdd only see 1.6TB event if drive is GPT

Motherboar Gigabyte P67X-ud3-b3 with lates BIOS update
My 4TB is a seagate with GPT partition.
Window 7X64 still only see the drive as 1.6TB I have Deleted the volume and try to recreate it and it does not work. I'm sure that this a and easy fix but I can't find it.

I'm using F10B bios, The U1B is a beta and I can't update it with Qflash or @bios. I think I would need a boot disk.
Could this be my problem?
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    Check the drive to make sure the limit to 1.5TB jumper is not current set.
  2. I install the Intell driver from the Mother board website and it worked...

    Driver name was: (Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology)
  3. There is no "1.5TB jumper". Some drives do have a 1.5Gbps jumper, though. ;-)
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