Will this Build Work?

Here's the build that I plan on making,

ASRock B75M-ITX Motherboard
Intel Core i3 3225 Dual Core CPU
BitFenix ​​Prodigy Mini-ITX case(2x120mm Fans)
Crucial Ballistix 8GB Ram (2x4GB)
500GB Seagate Barracuda

all powered by a Corsair CX500 500W PSU.

Will this work?
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  1. what are you planing to do with it ?? if the answer is gaming !! then NO

    if the answer is not for gaming !! then YES it's Good

    That CPU is weak for gaming since it's Dual Core , the i5-3570 will be way better than the i3 3225 with your Build !!
  2. Best answer
    There's basically no point in going for an i3 3225 over an i3 3220 if you've got a graphics card as well.

    Yes, it is a good build for that sort of price range. Especially for gaming. You could go up to a quad core, but to keep that budget you'd have to chop down the GPU, and that would hit your framerates far more than the quad core would benefit them – it'd be a loss overall.
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