Proper power supply Q: For GTX 650 Ti Boost SC

Hello all,

I'm bringing some life to an older PC, currently
AMD Phenom II X4 840T (2.9GHZ boosted to 3.2GHz),
N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix),
GTX 550TI 1GB,
6mb DDR3
600 watt(Coolmaster V600: (+3.3V@24A, +5V@24A, +12V1@18A, +12V2@18A, +12V3@15A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.5A)).

After installation, I didn't realize after that I needed 12V @24A for the GTX 650BoostSC 2GB as it was shutting down a few minutes of MP in Red Storm Rising (RO2). So I switched back to the GTX 550 to be no problems or shut down. I had to trouble shoot because the Heat sink for the North bridge came off and had to use thermal paste (so I wasn't sure if it was just overheating the chip or if it was the power supply).
The thing is the 550power requirements are the same as the GTX 650TI, is there something I overlooked? Or do I just a need a proper power supply and if so is it okay to have 12v @ 24+Amps. Say 12v 30 Amps?

So I suspect that the Coolmaster was enough to supply power to the 550 but there's not enough power for the 650.

Heading down to Frys tomorrow so if anyone has a few suggestions for a 20+4pin, 6pin PCIE powersupply would be helpful on $100 budget.

My Temperatures under stress of MP:
CPU: 33c-36c
Mainboard: 45c-47c
GTX 550: 75c-81c
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  1. Best answer
    sorry, do you mean coolmax v600?

    if it is you should replace it.

    With $100 budget buy any good brand name psu, such as corsair, seasonic, antec, ocz, xfx that's at least 650w and you should be fine. Also look for some sort of 80+ certification, which means that they are at least 80% efficient.
  2. Cool thank you. So many forums and posts. Nice to get a direct answer. Appreciate it. Have a gd NT
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