Help! Windows unable to complete format - system files on secondary internal drive?

Need to format an internal hard drive on my desktop PC, but Windows won't allow me. Seem to be system files on this drive are preventing the format. They appear to be Microsoft .NET update files. Can I delete or move these files and if so, how?

I built a desktop PC a while ago and my C: drive is failing and needs to be replaced.

Instead of buying a new HD, I've decided to use one of my other internal hard drives, H:, as the new C: drive (the boot disk with the Windows 7 OS I'm running).

I copied the contents of the internal disk H: to an external hard drive and now want to wipe H: clean with a disk format to prep it for the transfer.

But Windows won't let me format the H: drive.

Taking a closer look at H:, it seems that somehow there are system files on this internal drive. Weird.

Here's a closer look at the contents of the folder that begins 6da132.... The other folder is similar in structure.

My guess is this is a Microsoft .NET update? No idea why these are here...

Can I safely delete or move these files so I can complete my format, and if so, how?
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  1. You have system on H drive - therefore your system will not boot if you format.
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    Best thing to do is only to have 1 drive installed - or if split in more drives have other drives not formatted
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