Would this cpu cooler fit?

Hi i would like to ask if Cooler Master X6 Gt would fit in a Asus P7H55M-EVO motherboard. thanks!
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    Yes it will fit
    Your mobo has intel 1156 socket

    Heres the cooler compatibility

    And heres the mobo socket

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  2. but wouldn't it hit the ram or anything? was worried it might be too big, would the V4 be a better cooler?
  3. No u it wont b
    But may b v8gts a monster cooler with great perfrmnc will launch

    I wud nt sggst u any f these coolers go in for a cooler master seidion 120m liquid cooler for 29$ check it on

    Go in fr it much better

    And yes v6gt will make u sacrifice 1/2 ram slots
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