i5 - 3570 vs 3570k vs 4570 vs 4670

which one from all these i5 3rd or 4th gen. processor is the best. please consider -
2.HD graphics 2500/4000/4600 = if integrated graphics have value (this is my question also that should I consider these integrated graphics in choosing cpu? what's their effect and performance?

so suggest according to overall performance, heating, graphics and single thread performance.
I consider 4570 is value for money but I'm still confuse,because I choose it on the basis of graphics HD4600. is the GPU create difference? common works that I do on my PC are -
1. watching HD 1080 Movies
2. video and image editing (small level)
3. lots of internet surfing(with many tabs opened)
4. sometime playing games
so I want a fast processing cpu. should I also consider AMD. my budget is 20,000 INR (330 US$) for processor + mobo. also suggest best mobo with cpu acc. to my budget.
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    DONT rely on intel HD graphics... if you want a cpu with a good onboard gpu get an APU. do not get an intel for the onboard gpu, as intel hd graphics is handicapped greatly by terrible drivers, and real world performance well bellow generic benching results.

    An APU not only would be a cheaper option, but it has a much stronger igpu, with many times better drivers. if you don't want to spend cash on a graphics card get yourself an A10-6800k or a10-5800k (which ever is cheaper for you, and more accessible) and call it a day.
  2. Depends on what your plans are. If you want to overclock, get a "k" version of the processor. If no overclocking is intended now or in the near future, get the regular version. As for whats best, Socket 1155 (2nd & 3rd gen.) is basically dead. There will will be 1 more generation of processor for socket 1150 (4th gen), so if you want to be able to upgrade in the future, go with a 4th get and 1150.

    As for integrated video, if you plan to run a discrete GPU, integrated graphics (IGP) mean nothing to you, its just there. IGP's aren't really meant for gaming, they are getting better but if you're hoping to play at high settings at 1080p resolution, you will want a discrete GPU.

    So my questions are:
    1. Do you want the ability to overclock?
    2. Do you want a future possible upgrade path?
    3. Are you planning on running the IGP or a discrete GPU?
    4. What websites are you planning to buy from (links please)
  3. Short on money? Pick up 3000-series processor as they're "last generation" and so they're seeing discounts. Makes them good value.

    Have money? Pick up 4000-series processor. You get the latest improvements in both architecture and platform chipset.

    As for K or non-K, like others above me have said - only pay K if you ever plan on messing around with your hardware.
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