60c°+ Temps with i5 2500k @4.4ghz with H80i Liquid cooler

It's like the title says. 65-70c Load, 35-45 Idle.
I've been trouble shooting for the past few days after upgrading to the H80i. It is cooling my CPU, but not as efficiently as I know it can.
My old $30 heatsink kept the CPU under 60c° max load, 30 idle @4.4ghz 1.15v.
I tried re-seating the water block on the chip several times, cleaning and reapplying thermal paste each time and that helped at first, but didn't fix the problem. I'm confident it's in good contact with the chip.
Using Cosair Link, a hardware monitor, I can see the Cooler not warming up to match the CPU. This is what initially lead me to re-seating the water block, but to no avail. I undid the Overclock which obviously helped, but even then it still didn't match the promised temps of the H80.

Anyone have experience with problems like this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    The general consensus around here is that the H80 does not offer much cooling performance improvement over high-end air coolers. Rather, its advantage is the "quieter" operation. I say this because I am not sure what cooler you had in the past, only a general price.

    In any case, for you to see true improvement in cooling capability you'd likely need the H100 or a custom water cooler.

    With that said however, it seems your temps are only 5-7 degrees above your old air cooler, so perhaps it has something to do with your airflow configuration inside the case.
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