recommend good gaming keyboard with the following 'physical' specs:

hello! i'm looking for a keyboard which is good at gaming but with the following characteristics:

upon thorough searches, i noticed that most hi-end gaming keyboards look like robots, i hate them, i'm a minimalist.

the keyboard:

-should have preferably straight edges and no curves as much as possible.

-doesnt looks like a transformer, it could transform any moment, lol

-should'nt have many CREVICES, as food droppings, dusts and other micro-aliens go into it. therefore key profile is preferbly low (like laptop keys)

-AND, it must be wireless!

there's one keyboard that captured my interest but many reviews dont recommend it for gaming. The Rapoo Blade series. i really like its look and i like the brushed metal look.

so if you can recommend something like that for gaming, thanks! price is not an issue.
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    Hmm, May this fit?
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