*UPDATED* Gaming PC Build.

After seeing the dedicated answers and tips on my previous thread, I have partially rebuild the PC, according to the advice I've gotten. I hope this to be my final build:

Since I won't be overclocking I downgraded the motherboard to the Gigabyte H87-D3H. On advice of a member here, I upgraded a 530W PSU to this 600W one, to be more 'futureproof'. The rest of the parts don't really need further explanation but suggestions or tips are always welcome.

Moving on to the cooling, the case comes with 3 installed fans. 1 intake fan and 2 exhaust fans. I decided to go with 1 extra intake fan, which can be placed on the bottom of the case.

I hope my build is as good as completed by now!

~ KnDpt
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    Futureproof is such an abused term in the PC market. For your build 530W is enough. I'm not sure what futureproof would help unless you chose a better quality PSU.

    Can you choose a different PSU for 550-600W?
    Case is really expensive. Save some money and get an alternative. Saved money could go towards a SSD.

    Otherwise components look really good.
  2. Get this config with these upgrades

    Haf x cabinet
    H212 evo cooler
    650w xfx supply
    GTX 770 OC
    1600 vengeance pro

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