Overclocked 965 running cooler then stock hmm? Thoughts?

I'm still waiting for my cpu cooler to arrive in mail. I was able to jump to 3.8ghz from stock 3.4 just buy changing the multiplier other settings on auto and changing the fsb from 2000 to 2400. And was getting a 33c idle / 61c full load 1.37v.

So tonight I got bored and though i would see what I could hit without breaking 61c, and found myself running 3,990ghz @59c under full load, only by bumping the cpu ratio from 200 to 210. The temperature in my room stays around 20-21c(69-70f). The voltage is still on auto I'm seeing 1.39v on idle and it dropping to 1.36v under load. I'm assuming the temp drop is from the cpuv dropping from 1.37 to 1.36.

And now the neewbie questions..
1:Assuming the cpu cooler makes it stay under my target temp load(55c) dose things look ok? Seeing as the clock seems stable(6hr's of prime95 blend)
2:Should I manual adjust the cpu v's or just leave it auto?
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    Not bad actually, and yes your assumption of voltage/temp correlation is correct. Generally speaking, better to run fixed voltage than auto, as often the bios will volt above needed.. But as always, if it ain't broke, don't fix it :) You can try going manually and dropping volts further and seeing how far you can really get with it. lower volts = higher clocking possibility
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