My computer cannot detect second monitor - help

I just recently purchased a new desktop build but due to budget limits, I didnt purchase a dedicated graphics card. I am hoping to just use the motherboard/CPU for in lieu of a graphics card for now as I will only be internet browsing etc.

My motherboard has a DVI, VGA and a HDMI slot. I have two monitors - one which only has a VGA port and the other has VGA and HDMI. I purchased a HDMI-HDMI cord and connected one of the screens through HDMI and the other screen is connected through VGA.

However, when I boot, only the VGA connected monitor is detected as a device (ie only one screen shows in the graphics part of the control panel). The two monitors do work in that both screens show one something but they show the same thing (ie it is not an extended desktop and that option is not even available in control panel)

Does anyone know how I could get the HDMI connected monitor to be detected?
Would I need a dedicated graphics/video card for dual monitors (ie is my motherboard incapable of detecting the second monitor?).

I tried to find a driver for the HDMI monitor on the supplier website but it isnt available for that model (philips 246V5) and it is not contained in the CD that I got with the monitor.
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    You would need a discrete card for dual monitors. Onboard only supports 1 monitor.
  2. Thanks. Exactly the answer I needed.
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