Which Gfx card for i7-860: GTX 770 or GTX 670

Upgrading anything else in the PC is not an option. So the only upgrade I can do for gaming is the Gfx card.

Current specs:
i7-860 processor

Does it make sense to go with the 770 for the i7-860 processor? Will it give me the incremental gain in FPS over the GTX 670?

I am planning on playing the following games:
Witcher 1 & 2
Crysis 3
Deus Ex
Battlefield 3 & 4

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Depends on the pricing in your country. How many £/$/€ etc a 15% performance gain (for example) is worth can only be decided by you. Most people would advise against the GTX670 though since the GTX760 is much cheaper and almost as fast. GTX770 is only a little more expensive but a bit faster... actual price differences depend on where you are. You can see the performance differences for yourself and then decide what it's worth:
  2. a gtx 770 will give you extra performance (fps) over the gtx 670 . but it's not going to be much!

    If your pc is compatible with sli and your psu is good enough i would get a second gtx 670 and go sli.
  3. dont know about ur cpu but i got asus gtx770 and i have i5 2500 very very good performance
  4. Processor Number i7-860
    # of Cores 4
    # of Threads 8
    Clock Speed 2.8 GHz
    Max Turbo Frequency 3.46 GHz
    Intel® Smart Cache 8 MB

    I don't have SLI.

    I don't mind spending the money on the GTX 770. I live in the USA and am looking at the Gigabyte 4GB OC GTX 770 for $449

    Will I still get the benefits of this faster GPU on an older processor (please see a few lines above for specs). Thanks!
  5. sorry i dont know about bottleneck i have 3.3 i5 u know maybe overclock ur cpu
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    That's still an excellent processor. It won't hold you back. People assume that a CPU will cause bottlenecking simply because it's not a new model, but Intel has made barely any gains at all in gaming performance since Nehalem (original first-gen i3/i5/i7). It's only when you get back to Core 2 Quad etc that it starts to become more of an issue.
  7. Thx for the response guys, but I am looking for a 4GB card. Only to future proof myself. If you've played Max Payne 3 with FSAA turned on, it really chews up a lot of memory. I believe the game starts using 1.8GB memory of my GTX card....

    More importantly it sounds like the CPU will be fine :) Thanks again!
  8. You mean MSAA? At 8x MSAA, 1080p and max settings, Max Payne 3 gives me 2030MB usage. So I can definitely see the appeal in 4GB :-) And glad to help!
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