Can I reuse my Alienware Windows 7 64-bit?

So im build a new computer and I have an old resource DVD from alienware with windows 7 64-bit on it and was wondering if I could use that on my new computer? I know Ill get all the alienware bloatware and stuff but I dont have enough money to buy another Windows OS.
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    If the Windows disk is Dell or Alienware OEM it will only activate on the correct motherboard

    Also the Windows license will be restricted to Alienware PC's

    (and probably only the first PC the Windows is installed on or one with similar motherboards)

    so unless keeping the original motherboard you will need a new Windows

    Windows 8 (Microsoft system builder oem version) allows you to move the Windows 8 to a new PC provided it is removed from previous PC, this new license relaxation does not apply to Windows 7


    Mike Barnes
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