Low CPU load and low fps


I'm getting around 20-30 fps in most games especially MMOs no matter what graphic settings I'm on with a cpu load of around 20%.

AMD FX-6100 3.3 GHz
8GB Kingston Hyperx DDR3
Gigabyte GTX 760 2GB
XFX Core Edition PRO 650W
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    well, it's because your AMD's FX6100 "Faildozer" bottlenecks you. Change your CPU into an I5 or if your budget limited, to an FX6300, to get the full potential of your powerful GPU. FX6100 is a bulldozer architecture CPU which lacks so much L3 cache and it failed AMD so much that it turns out that it is the "blacksheep" CPU of the company. Even a first gen I3 or a phenom IIx4 will beat that poor CPU.
  2. I see thanks. I guess i'll buy a fx6300.
  3. "Faildozer" lol.Stil makes me chuckle to this day :D
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