Solution needed for Internet connection between pc and router

I have just bought a second hand pc that works fine but I cannot yet connect to the Internet. I suspect that the Ethernet port on the mobo is dodgy, it feels quite loose when I put it in. I have configured my broadband account so the pc can pick up the network but it is unable to make the connection to the net.

I am not that familiar with windows so accept it might be something in the settings.

The seller seems to be a little reluctant to address his method of connecting to the net. His connection was down at the time of collection, but i am of a trusting nature and had a taxi waiting! He gave me the wires he was using and there was no sign of an Ethernet cable. He has half indicated he was using Ethernet but I am waiting for him to confirm this.

It might explain the price I paid but it is still a good deal re the components. I would appreciate advice on how to connect to the net. I have a wireless network here at home, eg I am using an ipad wirelessly to write this. I think I can buy a USB wireless adaptor for the pc? How much should I spend for a decent strength signal? Prices seem to range from £10 up to £50 plus. We are talking 2 to 3 metres between router and pc. Do I lose any strength in the signal with a wireless connection? This would matter for gaming purposes. If so can I establish a wired connection other than with Ethernet?

Thanx for reading and posting.
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    For gaming, wired is definitely best.

    If the onboard ethernet port is tits up, your choices are:
    (Descending reliability and speed)
    PCI-E ethernet card
    PCI-E WiFi card
    USB WiFi adapter
  2. Thanks I bought one of the first option you listed and will be testing out soon.
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