Need Help finding parts to complete my build.

So I have most of my computer built and intact, but I still need an OS. I'm thinking Windows 8 will be a smarter option to stick with. Can you help me find a really cheap place to buy a copy?

Also, I need some more of the long screws that connect with fans. I have the phantom 410, and I do not have enough screws to connect 5 fans. Bringing me to my next point.

I replaced my h100i's fans with sp120s, and I would like to put the original fans as intake through the front. The problem is that the 4 pin female connectors they come with will not connect to the male 3 pins of the nzxt sentry 2. Is there adapters for that?

Thank you so much for responding, because I really want to finish this build so I can enjoy my new computer.

And if you know a good place to buy zip ties or twisty ties let me know please.
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    This is the cheapest youll get windows 8 (as you can see, it goes on sale to $80 sometimes):

    Go to your local walmart/hardware store for most of the easy to find things. Make sure you bring a fan and a screw so you know if what you're buying works.

    Just look online for some adapters, im sure there are some out there.
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