usable memory of ram

i'v installed two 4 gb rams, and my 'my com' properties showing, installed ram 8gb but usable memory is only showing 3.89 gb.
is it nrmal?
what should be the usable memory, if installed ram (memory) is 8 gb?

what is the solution?
thank you.
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  1. What version of os u have 32bit ???
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    rahul1 said:

    If you have 32bit Windows, that is perfectly normal.

    To change, a full reinstall of Win7 64bit would be the answer.
  3. ok. thanku so much dear. :)
  4. rahul1 said:

    Theres the problem u need 64bit to use more than 4gb memory

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  6. ok, so thats the idea..
  7. Yeah that would be the solution
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