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Hello, I have an old intel micro atx motherboard. Onboard graphics card is broken, In order to install a new graphics card, i have to disable onboard graphics card from BIOS which is not possible with no display. A friend told me that I have to set the jumpers for external graphics card. But I don't know how to do that. I don't know where I should place the jumper. Thank you.
MOBO: kob 845gl ndsmx
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  1. well if you cant make it with the jumpers, find an agp vga card and connect the cable. it will auto switch to agp card! i still have my p4 on 865 qdi!:)
  2. I already have the new graphics card installed, but I have to disable onboard graphics to make it work. Is there a way to do that with jumpers?
  3. Best answer from quick look i didnt find something about vga jumpers! did you try to clear cmos?in this link it says about the cmos jumper and how you do it! i cant think of anythink else!:??:
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