PC Keeps crashing

I have a windows 7 pc and it crashes every 30 minutes or so, reboots fine and everything looks good, then crashes again. This has been going on for a month or so.

I have looked in the event log and see alot of idle port issues, I put new SATA cables in and this has had no affect. I have also updated my graphics card ATI 6870 to no avail.

Aside from this I really am not sure the proper steps to properly troubleshoot this issue. Properly seeing up Windows event logs?
Was hoping someone could give me a hand to isolate what is causing the crashes.
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  1. check ur cpu's temps.
  2. Are you getting the Blue Screen of Death?
  3. I will check and get back to you next boot...
  4. Sometimes it will freeze when i try to go into the hard drive.. the mouse will move but i cannot access anything, after sitting like this for afew minutes it will do one of two things, blue screen, or the screen will go crazy right before a reboot. It reboots fine 95% some the times but sometimes it will drop an error about a read right error after BIOS..
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    The BSoD tends to include important information. I'd recommend taking a picture of it (if you can read and remember all the information on it that quickly, God bless you) and then looking up whatever it tells you is the error when you computer reboots.
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