Win 7 keeps cycling between online and no access

In spite of my other post, Comcast won't send me another router just yet, so I need some more help on solving a newer problem. I let the computer and the router rest for a few days, and I turned on my Alienware and it said I was connected! So I hopped onto Chrome and all of a sudden, no internet, and the "!" symbol appears. But then, when I let it sit, it'll say I have internet, then after 5 more minutes, the "!" will reappear.
It keeps going into this never-ending cycle, and I have no clue what is causing it.

I have tried resetting my IPV4/6 adapters, installing a USB wifi card, and shutting off firewall but nothing seems to work.
Any ideas to how this can be fixed, or has anyone seen this before?

Thank you so much!
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    Try a different channel output on your router, it seems like you're getting a lot interferences (microwave, cordless and cellular phones, other wi-fi connections, etc)

    i generally use the channel 11 as it's not very popular and is generally clear (remember 6 is the default one so most likely to be full of interferences)
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