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7770 Not Working????

July 20, 2013 2:32:02 PM

So I already wrote this, but my internet bugged out right when i posted so now i have to write it again.

Ive written like 5 threads so far on this and have gotten aboslutly nowhere. This is how far i am. I bought a sapphire 7770 Ghz oc edition and plugged it in. As soon as i would get to the loading screen it would a. black screen and reset itself or b. freeze. I had a couple of friends and an AMD tech support tell me it was a psu. So i got a dynex 520w psu just now from best buy. Same problem exept now i a bsod-ing. Is it possible that because the graphics card is an oc edition its undervolting itself for some random reason. Oh ya, ive already rma'd the graphics card too. is the motherboard to blame. I have no idea why this is happening, please help, im very frustrated and just want to play bf3.

BTW, it runs on safe mode just fine.

AMD 5400k @4.0Ghz
Cruxial Ballistix @2133mhz
Sapphire 7770 Ghz OC edition
MSI a55 e33 motherboard
dynex 520w/corsair cx430

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