500w psu enough? also a question about ram speed

I have a

8 gb 1333
asus 760 2gb (in mail)
2 7200rpm hard drives "1tb&500gb"
1 dvd drive

Will a corsair 500w be enough?

and if in the future i was looking to run 760 sli what psu wattage should i get?

Also will my 8gb of 1333 ram bottleneck my card? I have a cheap mobo that only supports 1333

Thanks everybody
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  1. Best answer

    XFX 650W XXX Edition Semi Modular 12V 53A 24PIN ATX Power Supply 80PLUS Bronze Certified

    SLI and overclock ^
  2. Don't forget to choose a Best Solution when you open a question thread , the forum members will appreciate that.Thanks for posting on the forum.
  3. I would suggest a 600w if you plan on sli in the future.
  4. Is it possible to overclock my CPU and GPU that 500w psu?
  5. As long as you have aftermarket cooling.
  6. thanks you guys
  7. Get the 650W i linked above, if your going to overclock and SLI!

    I missed the SLI in your first post..Sorry!
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