FX8350 with V6 GT Temperatures

i got the fx8350 installed and i have been monitoring the temperatures..
So far i get 41° c with the side panel off , and when i put it back it raise to 45°

Now my room temp is about 28° c and the fans of the v6 are runing at 1700RPM ...

Should i have to worry about my temps? Maybe re apply thermal paste or is it ok??
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    Wait a couple days for the compound to cure, temps should drop a few degrees
  2. i hope so because honestly i was waiting to see my temps around 35° max :c soo that way i would have more room to OC
    (PS: My case ventilation seems to be kinda poor .. since my side panel doesnt have the 140mm fan and im also missing the other fan that should send the hot air from the V6 out)
  3. Right there, that would help tremendously, might look, ask around, you prob know someone with an old unused rig you could grab an 80 or 120mm fan from for the exhaust of the case back
  4. haha i guess i will try get the fan but all the persons ik have really old rigs with sucky ,loud fans so i would prefer to buy em new,
    I wanna get 4 that works quietly at high speed, moves alot of air and preferiable with red leds but idk about brands plus the max size would be 140mm :o
  5. I was thinking as a temp measure, till you can get good ones, help keep heat down
  6. and u think the temps are ok like that for now?
  7. See plenty running hotter...suggested the fans as a me thing...I like things nice and cool ;)
  8. Thnaks ! i will get the fans soon and i will update u with the result :o
  9. Will be around ;) Look forward to it
  10. Definitly it just my room temp that is too high.... cuz i left the door of my house open for about 30 mins and the temp went down 10° it was at 35° idle and house temp was 21° ... i will still add the fans when i can to see if i can idle at 40° with the side panel on at least ^^ Thanks again
  11. No problem, keep in touch
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