i3 3220 vs i5 4430 for gaming

Hi people. I want to get a new 'son' for gaming and I don't know yet if get an i3 3220 or go for the new i5 4430. The difference is 70€
The G.Card is gonna be the ATI 7870
Could you tell me if it worth to pay that 70€ more to get the i5 or it's just a waste of money?
Thanks to all
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  1. Not a waste of money to me. Newer games will support Quad core CPUs such as crysis 3.
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    The Core i5-4430 is a quad core, the Core i3-3220 is only a dual core. The 4430 is also newer, and uses newer motherboards with the LGA 1150 socket instead of the LGA 1155 socket. The newer motherboards have some improved features, such as more SATA3 and USB3.0 ports.
  3. The 1155 also comes with a couple of USB 3.0
    I was looking for test's last night and looks like the i3 it's pretty good for gamming but new generation of games would work better at the i5, but i think the framerate wouln't be so different between this two...
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