Dell Vostro Shut Down and won't Restart (at all)

Hello....and thanks in advance for reading and offering to help.

My Dell Vostro 1500 has been working fine until last night. I was working with AC power.....and at one point (with no other symptoms) it just shut off.

It is now dead. Pressing the "On" button yields blue sounds (at all!) and no hint of anything getting any power.

I left it overnight....same thing in the morning.

One thing I notice.....the AC power adapter has a little green light which is lit....but when I plug the cord into the back of the laptop......the little green light goes out.....and will not come back on again unless I disconnect it from the wall and the laptop.....and then plug it into the wall again.

Any suggestions? Is there a thermal fuse someplace? Any other things to look for or ask about?

Thanks! Chuck
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  1. From what you wrote, I think your adapter is defective.
  2. >>From what you wrote, I think your adapter is defective.

    I suppose that could be the case; although the battery was charged prior to the failure.....and now it won't operate at all; either on the battery or with the adapter plugged in.

    I was thinking that since the green light on the adapter goes out when it's cord is attached to the laptop....that it might indicate a short circuit in the laptop?

    Just guessing
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    You are guessing correctly if you have a short this will be the result. But if the adapter is not giving enough power the same thing will append. The best way to test the adapter is to try another one with your laptop.
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